About the Seed Story Project

Planting seeds to preserve our past and grow the future

The Seed Stories is a multimedia storytelling project that amplifies experiences from the margins through the conduit of seeds.

Using a seed as the connecting thread growers, cookers, eaters and everyone in between with attachments to a plant are sharing their stories to develop a more colorful narrative and history of our agricultural past and present. Through the exploration of these stories audiences will better understand cultures both similar to and different from their own in hopes of decolonizing thought patterns and disrupting racist narratives.


The project consists of audio podcasts, a digital publication of stories and images, and a curriculum that allows participants to engage with and add to the stories through the planting and saving of seeds. The curriculum will be shared at the Amir Training Seminar and implemented beginning summer 2020 to at least 10 camps reaching over 3000 participants. As part of the program participants will save seed and add their own stories to its collective history in order to connect to and be part of a larger narrative.


Seed Stories is intended to be an ever growing and developing project as folks continue to share their stories and experiences. As the collection grows, so does the potential to preserve cherished seeds and the stories they hold, along with the opportunity to strengthen connections to the land, our food and inevitably each other.

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